Augusto Aras meets with indigenous people in the Amazon

The Attorney General of the Republic Augusto Aras met with five indigenous leaders in Amazonas. The meeting took place in the late afternoon today and takes place after the deaths of the English journalist Dom Phillips and the Brazilian indigenist Bruno Pereira, in Vale do Javari.

At the meeting, the leaders asked for an increase in the presence of the state and for Aras’ support in fighting crime in the region. The indigenous people recalled that they have played a fundamental role in the surveillance of the territory, especially in relation to the issue of illegal fishing.

In response, Aras stated that he will return to Brasilia “with a willingness to move the State’s authorities to defend the Amazon and its citizens, isolated or not.”

“It is urgent that the Union reinforce the performance of the control bodies in that region of the country”, said through its Twitter profile the PFDC (Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Citizens’ Rights), an agency linked to the Federal Public Ministry.

In another message, the prosecutor also recalled that important measures to reinforce the presence of the State in the Amazon have been postponed. One of them is the signature by the country of the Escazú Agreement, which aims to guarantee sustainable development, preservation of the environment and combat inequality and discrimination on the part of the nations that sign it.

“Each country must take steps to protect human rights defenders in environmental matters, including preventing, investigating and punishing attacks, threats or intimidation against them. This would be precisely the case for Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips”, stated representatives from PFDC on Twitter.

This Sunday, the number of suspects involved in the murder and concealment of Dom and Bruno’s bodies rose to eight, according to the Federal Police. Yesterday (18), the Court ordered the temporary arrest of Jeferson da Silva Lima, the third suspect arrested.

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