Baufa Air goes behind the scenes and reserves internet address

The Baufa Air project, led by businessman from the Federal District Galeb Baufaker Junior, is advancing behind the scenes, although there is still no formal certification process open at ANAC.

As found out by AEROIN, a team has been working on the company’s creation of an office located in the Jabaquara neighborhood, in the capital of São Paulo. In addition, on June 15th, the company opened a CNPJ and, days before, reserved the internet address for your future transactions. All of the above is the easiest part.because now there is a long way to go, which is the company’s certification with ANAC.

The process for obtaining the grant, which will grant Baufa Air permission to operate the passenger and cargo air transport service, has five stages, takes months and is expensive. In the end, when phase 4 of the process is reached, it is necessary that at least one aircraft is in the country, inspected, so that the ANAC performs some ground and in-flight verifications, before granting a grant.

A consultation with ANAC confirmed that there is no approval process open on behalf of Baufa Air to date.

The idea

Part of the team that is leading the Baufa Air process is from Itapemirim Transportes Aereos, which suspended operations in December last year. Months later, businessman Galeb Baufaker Junior expressed his interest in acquiring what was left of the Sidnei Piva company, whose greatest asset would be the ITA air operator certificate.

For this to be possible, Baufaker Junior would have to pay off all ITA debts with injured passengers and former employees, negotiate with creditors and still recover the company’s credit. The task could seem feasible, since the businessman declared that he was willing to invest up to R$ 400 million in the business.

Days after the announcement, however, he backed out of the deal, on the grounds that there was a lot of legal uncertainty surrounding Itapemirim. Then, ANAC canceled ITA’s grant to provide air transport service, burying any chance of reviving it.

With that, Baufaker Junior had two alternatives: give up the air transport business or start his new company from scratch. He would then have opted for the second path. In the coming months, it will be possible to understand how this story progresses, for now, there is still a long way to go.

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