Best tactics to show more intelligence in your work

Many professionals are currently seeking better working conditions. So why do you think you would be chosen over so many other people? Know that there are ways to circumvent the system and have more emotional intelligence when it comes to getting a good job.

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Check out the best tips to look smarter and more prepared than all your competitors. Don’t worry, it’s just simple, easy-to-follow advice.

Want to do well at work? Learn to be more “intelligent”

– Invest in graphics

If you want to appear smarter at work, it’s worth investing in graphics. A study by Cornell University (USA) revealed that most people have more confidence in documents that contain graphics. So, if you want to give the impression of trustworthiness, it’s best to show your boss several graphs.

– Abbreviate your name

The abbreviation of the name is a way to act more intelligently, especially for those who are looking for new positions in the job market.

Just analyze great figures and personalities in history. Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, for example, always abbreviated their middle names. This practice adds more elegance to your own presentation.

– Learn to express yourself with ease

Some studies have already proven that being more expressive is an important point to convey a sense of intelligence and confidence. This means that if two people say the same things, but one of them utters the words with more energy, enthusiasm and expressions, that person will be chosen for the job.

– Have more self-confidence

To better understand this question, just answer the following question: if you don’t trust yourself, who will? Well, it’s better to start working on self-confidence more. For this, you need to study more, master subjects, understand your limits and your way of thinking, among other things.

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