Botafogo and Inter players fight after turning goal in Beira-Rio

After being down 2-0 and with one player less, Botafogo managed to turn the match against Internacional by 3-2 at 55′ of the second stage. After Hugo’s goal, widespread confusion began between the players of both teams on the Beira-Rio lawn.

Midfielder Lucas Piazon celebrated the third goal in front of the Colorado bench, starting the turmoil on the lawn. He was only warned with the yellow card, but was attacked – possible by Mercado – in the riot and needed to have his arm immobilized. Mercado, from Inter, received the red card.

With only six minutes of ball rolling, Philipe Sampaio was sent off and left Glorioso with one less. In addition to the expulsion, Glorioso still had a penalty against, which was converted by Edenílson. Shortly after, Bustos enlarged. The reaction started in the first stage, with the goal by Vinícius Lopes, at 18′. Erison equalized early in the second half.

Check out the mess

Botafogo pronounces

Botafogo, shortly after the end of the match, used the club’s official social networks to claim the arbitration of the game. In the statement, the club states that it only did not abandon the match because it respected the rules of the game. Botafogo classified the refereeing as “Unbelievable, shameful and absurd”.

John Textor asks referee to retire

On Twitter, Botafogo’s SAF manager, John Textor, “advised” referee Sávio Pereira Sampaio to retire, talking about “cleaning up Brazilian football” and considering Sávio’s performance “shameful”. Textor also said that no one can be happy with a game like this and that teams and fans deserve more than a game destroyed.

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