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This model was very successful during the 80’s, but it was rescued in 2022! The famous Mobylette was relaunched by the Caloi company so that it could compete with other electric bikes on the market. The product is already a hit in many places.

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The novelty pleased many people, both those who are living a nostalgia as well as those who just want to contribute to the reduction of traffic that is always full. Not to mention the gas economy that currently haunts the pockets of many Brazilians!

But the question that is hovering over people’s minds, in relation to this matter, is whether the carrying of the National Driver’s License (CNH) will be required to be able to ride the new model of motorcycle through the streets of the city.

Learn more about the new version of Caloi’s Mobylette

The manufacturer Caloi launched the Mobylette in Brazil in the 70’s. It brought to the country the biggest sales success of very similar mopeds in Europe. And because its factory was located in Manaus at the time, it was able to offer more affordable prices.

It is no wonder that the model became more and more popular among people, however this lasted just over twenty years, as the Mobylette ceased to be manufactured in the mid-90s.

What people will be able to find in the new version of Mobylette is its completely original, which gives the motorcycle a more vintage look. She also has:

  • A hub motor with 36V;
  • 350W of power;
  • A torque of 4 kgfm;
  • Battery with autonomy of up to 30 km before being recharged.

Unlike the first version, the new model has hydraulic brakes, as these are much safer, as well as wider and more resistant tires.

Do I need a CNH to drive the new Mobylette?

Before we even answer this question, we must remember that the Mobylette is a moped, so it is considered a motorcycle and not a bicycle, as it has a four-stroke engine of up to 50 cm³.

Mopeds can reach a maximum speed of only 50 km/h, that is, they are lighter motorcycles. However, Brazilian legislation is clear: to ride a moped, a person must be licensed, yes.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have a CNH with category A, which is intended for motorcycle drivers, in hand before riding. If not, then an Authorization to Drive Moped (ACC) must be withdrawn.

Which vehicles do not require A CNH?

Practically all vehicles require the driver to have the driver’s license to be able to drive, that is, motorcycles, cars, trucks… among many others.

But here’s an example of a vehicle that doesn’t necessarily require a driver’s license:

And by one of these, we mean a two- or three-wheel motorized vehicle, but not surpass the speed limit of 50 km/h and that has a power of up to 50 cc. Like, for example, an electric bicycle. Motorized bicycles and motorcycles popularly known as “cinquentinhas” are also considered.

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