Carlinhos Maia announces move to São Paulo after being mugged – Entertainment

almost a month after bandits invade the apartment where he lived in the Northeast, Carlinhos Maia said he will move to São Paulo. The comedian announced this Sunday (19), in his Instagram stories, that he is already packed and that, despite this, he will continue to visit his hometown, Maceió, in Alagoas.

“We are going to live in São Paulo, but we will always be here [Maceió]”, he revealed to his followers on Instagram. say that you no longer want to receive visits from fans, friends and family who are not invited, Carlinhos said he was not willing to walk away from everyone.

He also warned that he was, for a long time, dividing his time between São Paulo and Maceió and that he only confirmed the information for the fans.

“I’m going to keep coming here, my parents live here, the house in Barra will keep happening all the time, Vila will keep happening. Only my life will change a little and you’ll go with me in the luggage”, he said.

In addition, Carlinhos took the opportunity to deny rumors that he would sell the apartment where the crime took place. He said the place remains a dream for him: “Everything is changing over there, armored doors. Unfortunately, my entire team there is no longer with me, a lot has changed. That’s it, new stage,” he finished.

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