Cashier paying more than R$ 6 thousand? See who is entitled to receive!

Residents of cities who have a positive balance in their FGTS account can withdraw the amount from Caixa. Know more.

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Caixa updated a new list with groups that can receive an amount of up to R$ 6,220 in June, through the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS). However, there is a deadline for making the request that makes the withdrawal available. See below for all the details.

Details on the release of more than R$ 6 thousand made by Caixa

In short, a new list of cities from which residents can make a request for a FGTS calamity withdrawal is available according to Caixa. The bank has already made the release for residents of more than 120 cities in the states of:

  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Sao Paulo;
  • Holy Spirit;
  • Minas Gerais;
  • Bahia.

Caixa made the amount available after the heavy rains that hit Brazil at the beginning of the year. The last municipalities that obtained authorization to make the withdrawals were:

  • Belford Roxo – Rio de Janeiro;
  • Santo Antônio do Amparo – Minas Gerais.

However, it is important to note that the deadline for making the withdrawal request with the Caixa is only 60 days. If this time passes, regardless of the circumstances, the value will no longer be available. The FGTS modality is released only in cases of public calamity, or emergency situation that are officially decreed by the municipality and the Federal District.

Who can withdraw the amount?

Residents of cities who have a positive balance in their FGTS account can withdraw the amount from Caixa. The maximum amount is BRL 6,222 per individual. Below, see the list of cities that can make the withdrawal in June:

stateCityDeadline for withdrawal
Holy SpiritSao Gabriel da Palha07/03/2022
Holy SpiritGood Jesus of the North07/10/2022
Minas GeraisMateus Leme04/07/2022
Minas Geraiscataguases06/07/2022
Minas GeraisAimorés06/20/2022
Rio de JaneiroItaocara06/20/2022
Rio de JaneiroCambuci06/20/2022
Rio de JaneiroBom Jesus do Itabapoana06/23/2022
Rio de JaneiroMiracema06/23/2022
Rio de JaneiroAngra dos Reis07/02/2022
Rio de Janeiroparaty07/03/2022
Rio de Janeiroaperibé06/07/2022
Rio de Janeiromosque07/12/2022
Rio de JaneiroNew Iguaçu07/13/2022
Rio de Janeiroburnt08/11/2022

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