CBF exchanges Sao Paulo x Palmeiras VAR after confusion in Beira-Rio | Brazilian series a

Rafael Traci and Helton Nunes, who were scheduled to work as VAR and assistant, were replaced by Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral and Vitor Carmona Metestaine.

The reason for the change was the performance of Traci and Nunes in the game between Internacional x Botafogo, on Sunday, in Beira-Rio.

Referee Rafael Traci — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

The move that makes them “under evaluation of their technical performance”, as the CBF note says, was a penalty in favor of Internacional at the beginning of the match, converted by Edenílson.

For the refereeing team, the ball touched Philipe Sampaio’s arm – the marking only took place after a VAR alert. Botafogo was still expelled.

According to commentator PC Oliveira, at Central do Apito, referee Savio Pereira Sampaio made a mistake:

– He has one arm even in an expected position, the ball hits his belly, hits his arm, but he had no additional movement. When the ball hits the body, the player has the arm very open and then hits the arm, it can be scored. But for me it is already in a normal position, it hits the body and goes to the arm, for me it was not a penalty – said PC Oliveira.

The exchange of VAR and assistant was the only one announced by the CBF for the classic. Anderson Daronco, as referee, and Rafael da Silva Alves and Michael Stanislau, as assistants, are still scheduled.

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