Central Bank once again postpones the second phase of ‘forgotten money’

The Central Bank postponed the start of the second level of the Values ​​Receivable System (SVR) for the second consecutive month. The resumption of rescues to the forgotten money it was scheduled for the 2nd of May, but had to be postponed due to the strike by the civil servants of the municipality.

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In the first stage of the system, 3.6 million people and 19 thousand companies requested a total of R$ 336 million. The expectation for the next phase is that R$ 4.1 billion will be available for withdrawal.

The resources of the first phase are sourced from current accounts or closed savings accounts with available balance; fees and installments or obligations related to unduly charged credit operations (with return provided for in the Term of Commitment); capital quotas and apportionment of net surpluses of credit unions; and consortium resources terminated.

In the second, seven other sources enter:

  1. Fees improperly charged, not provided for in Terms of Commitment signed by the bank with the BC;
  2. Installments or obligations related to credit operations improperly charged, not provided for in Terms of Commitment signed by the bank with the BC;
  3. Closed prepaid and postpaid payment accounts with available balance;
  4. Registration accounts maintained by securities brokerage companies and securities distributing companies for the registration of closed customer operations with available balance;
  5. Entities in extrajudicial liquidation;
  6. Credit Guarantee Fund;
  7. Credit Cooperative Guarantee Fund.

How to make the query?

Consultations will be available on the SVR portal as soon as they resume. To access the system, the citizen must have a silver or gold level Gov.br account.

The big news expected for the second stage is the end of scheduling. After returning to the portal, anyone who finds a balance will be able to request the redemption of the money in the first consultation, which was not possible until now.

BC server strike

The strike by public servants at the Central Bank began on April 1 and has already caused delays in several services of the municipality. In addition to the SVR, there was also a loss in the dissemination of the Focus bulletin, exchange rate data and daily Ptax.

The servers demand a salary adjustment of 13.5%, among other demands. According to the president of the National Union of Employees of the Central Bank (Sinal), Fábio Faiad, 80% of the participants of the last assembly voted in favor of continuing the strike.

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