Cheap iPhone? Take care! Know the most offered model in scams

When alms are too much, even the saint is suspicious. You’ve heard this saying at least once in your life, but know that it can be applied often. Therefore, whenever you see an advertisement for an extremely cheap product, it is worth turning on the warning light and being suspicious about the veracity of the facts.

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If the iPhone is cheap, beware, it is an object that many people want to have and, therefore, it is also the favorite target of scammers.

Is the iPhone cheap? Do not trust the ad on the internet

According to a survey released by the sales platform OLX, Apple devices account for 70% of the volume of scams applied to cell phone ads. Typically, criminals lower the value of the product by around 15% to lure victims. In this way, the person thinks they are buying a cheap iPhone, but they are just giving money to someone else.

So the rule is clear: if the iPhone is cheap, pay close attention to the sale and don’t trust just anyone. Currently, it is estimated that the loss generated by e-commerce scams has exceeded 39 million reais in the first quarter of the year alone.

Cell phones are the most used devices to lure victims, followed by video games and computers.

Advertisement where the iPhone 11 is cheap is the most common

If the 11th generation model appears in the ad where the iPhone is cheap, be extra careful! The list of the most used cell phones by scammers includes the following devices:

1st – iPhone 11;

2nd – iPhone XR;

3rd – iPhone 8 Plus;

4º – iPhone 12 Pro Max;

5th – iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Following the same data from the OLX survey, the main victims of scams are men up to 31 years old.

Usually, fraudsters use fake websites to make a purchase, fake advertisement or fake confirmed purchase (in this case, the scammer takes the product without depositing the money).

Watch out and:

  • Never click on suspicious links;
  • Never provide data outside the official sales platform;
  • Check the website URL;
  • Research before you buy;
  • Read the comments.

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