Check the horoscope for all zodiac signs for the week of June 20th to 26th

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In the last stages of the Moon in its waning phase, our natural satellite displays a small portion illuminated by the sun’s rays, shining just above the eastern horizon, before sunrise. In this image, we can also see light reflected by the Earth, called cinereous light, illuminating the shadowed part of the lunar disk. Among the most important descriptions of cinereal light is that made by the Renaissance artist and intellectual Leonardo da Vinci, over 500 years ago. For the above image, different exposures of the Moon were captured and stacked in the Badain Jilin Desert of Inner Mongolia, China on Aug 29, 2019 (Credit: Nasa)

It’s time to look within, connect with emotions and seek understanding on the most sensitive topics for the soul. This week, we will feel the relational and also unconscious influences of waning moon that arrives quite deep, just before the Sunour star-king, enter the waters of the sign of Cancer.

Not bad for the period that follows the philosophical Full moon what happened in the sign of Sagittarius and in conjunction with Rasalhague, the Alpha star of the Serpentarium Constellationlast Tuesday, the 14th. In this mood, right on Monday, the 20th, evoking our ability to seek knowledge, the mental planet Mercury will arrive at the exact aspect of the harmony that has been forming, for a few days now, with the wise Jupiter. Thus, the sky favors fruitful conversations, rich in quality information and a great desire to learn.

To bring even more love to intellectual exchanges, the planet Venus enters the sign of Gemini, on Wednesday, the 22nd, shortly after waving to the deep Pluto. In this brief courtship with the ruling planet of the underworld, whose exact aspect takes place the day before the sign change, Venus proposes to look into the depths of everything we value, but not always face it head on. Therefore, it is worth the tip so that we are all attentive to the quality of dialogue in all types of relationships: are we really able to say what we feel?

But the highlight of the week is certainly on account of the celestial movements that take place from next Tuesday, the 21st. On that day, in addition to the Moon, our queen of the night, reaches 50% lighting, forming an exact right angle to the Sun – which starts the Waning Moon period – we will also have the entry of our star-king in the sign of Cancer. The entry into the Sun in what is, through the symbolic gaze of astrology, the Cardinal sign of the Water element, is due to the Winter Solsticein the Southern Hemisphere, and the Summer Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere. With this astronomical phenomenon, we have the beginning of the coldest season of the year, here below the equator, and also the period of warmer climate for those who are in the North of the planet.

And so, we will welcome the Sun, in the sign ruled by the Moon, on the same day that the queen of the night reaches her most introspective phase. All this to inaugurate the season of our star-king for the most emotional portion of the zodiac, where the waters of the unconscious flood our intuition.

You know that maxim that what we know is a drop and what we don’t know is an ocean? That’s it!

A week of great depth for all of us!

Check below the weekly horoscope with trends for the 12 zodiac signs for the period from June 20 to 26, 2022.

Important: you are so much more than your sun sign! So, make better use of the horoscope by also reading the trends for your rising sign, which is essential for you to know. To know the position of all signs, including the Ascendant, as well as the planets at the time of your birth, make your FREE ASTRAL MAP!

Learn more about astrology, birth charts and the role of the astrologer in this article.



The week helps you to have excellent insights, Aries. Try to sleep well, take care of your spirituality and pay attention to your dreams. You should have a very productive week, but you need to be rested for that.


Cherish the right people, Taurus. The week calls for more attention to the environment around it, favoring contacts of the most diverse natures. However, it is also important to know how to differentiate what and who deserves more attention.


Invest in your long-term plans and projects, Gemini. It’s time for you to slow down and plan in a more structured and ambitious way at the same time. Exercise leadership with charisma.


The Sun enters your sign, Cancer. Celebrate this period of renewal. Take advantage of the week to take stock and realize what has changed in you in the last year to think better about the next steps.


The week is very introspective and brings a lot of desire to turn pages, Leo. Take the opportunity to put your life in order. Just be careful with choked words that can end up coming out too emotional.


Try to solve everything through dialogue, Virgo. Heaven favors agreements of all kinds. Be ready to listen and be more heard. Seek to exchange experiences to expand wisdom.


It’s time to organize and avoid dispersion, Libra. Be careful not to get lost in the midst of so many demands, staying realistic about what you can accomplish.


Use creativity, Scorpio, taking advantage of the week to take care of yourself. It’s time to keep your self-esteem high and invest in something you enjoy. Also pay attention to who values ​​your talents.


Pay attention to your inner issues as well as your most intimate matters, Sagittarius. The week asks you to take care of your home more and realize who is really close to you.


You’re sharp-minded, Capricorn. However, the week calls for more discretion in communication and more care with what you say. Take the opportunity to catch up on reading and stimulate your learning ability.


It’s time to see and review your values, Aquarius. Take advantage of the week to reorganize yourself financially. If you need to review or cut costs, this is an excellent time for that.


Use your intuition to your advantage, Pisces. The moment also asks you to take more care of your body and health, avoiding excesses of all kinds. Value your emotional well being.

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