Company pays more than BRL 10,000 to anyone willing to live with 100 cockroaches

Finding a cockroach is not a very pleasant sight for most people, however, an American company that operates in the field of pest control, ‘Pest Informer’, is offering something unusual: US$ 2,000 for those who agree to live with 100 them for 30 days. The value corresponds to R$ 10.3 thousand at the current price.

The aim of the experiment is to test some different methods of insect control. According to the company’s page, 5 to 7 people will be selected for the battery of tests.


Human hand holding a cockroach with a house in the background.
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If experimental techniques don’t work, more traditional methods will be used to rid the house of cockroaches. “All treatments tested are safe for families and pets,” the company said in a statement.

Pest Informer also emphasizes that residents cannot interfere in the assessment, they must only tolerate living with the cockroaches daily for a month: “You must not attempt any additional treatment during the study”.

Anyone willing to apply for the program can do so until July 31, as long as they live in the US. Only people over 21 can apply and one of the requirements is to be the owner of the property. For tenants, you must submit a formal statement from the home owner authorizing the tests to be conducted.

Source: The Pest Informer

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