Corinthians fight with Goiás fans in São Paulo and police arrest 18 – 19/06/2022

Sunday had, in São Paulo, another chapter in the growing wave of fights between fans from different states amid rivalries and “unions” that spread across the country. This time involving Corinthians and Goiás fans. A total of 18 were arrested.

The detainees, followers of both clubs, were booked and gave statements at Drade (Police Station for Repression of Sports Intolerance Crimes), of the Civil Police of São Paulo. Earlier, police officers from the 4th BPM were called.

The clash between fans took place on Avenida Embaixador Macedo Soares, Lapa, after Ponte do Piqueri, Marginal Tietê, involving around 200 Corinthians and Goiás fans. They blocked the road and had a general fight, informs Drade.

With the arrival of the police, the situation was controlled and the road cleared. Some were bruised and the detainees (15 emeralds and three alvinegros) were taken to the police station to give statements.

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