Coritiba vs Athletico-PR LIVE (0-0) | 06/19/2022

16:49 15 minutes ago

Get out!!

47′ – Castán heads alone from the edge of the small area after a corner from the right and sends it over the goal!

16:47 17 minutes ago


45′ – Three more minutes in the first half

16:45 19 minutes ago

Change in Hurricane

44′ – Léo Cittadini replacing Marcelo Cirino

16:4419 minutes ago

game stopped

43′ – Bento, Igor Paixão and Siles are down on the pitch

16:4320 minutes ago

take off the defense

41′ – Igor Paixão crosses low from the right and Athletico’s defense pushes away

16:3924 minutes ago

Not worth!!

37′ – Alef Manga gets his own rebound at the edge of the area and sends it to the net, but the flag breaks him in an irregular position!

16:3727 minutes ago

Corinthians goal

35′ – Fábio Santos scored a penalty for Timão against Goiás in São Paulo

16:3628 minutes ago

Atletico MG goal

34′ – In one of the other games in progress, Nacho Fernandez opens the scoring for Galo against Flamengo in Minas

16:31 33 minutes ago


30′ – Coritiba 9 x 3 Athletico-PR

16:27 37 minutes ago


26′ – Neilton receives bank card for complaint

16:27 37 minutes ago


25′ – VAR reviews the possible touch of Luciano Castán’s hand in the defense area and does not award the penalty

16:26 38 minutes ago

Save Bento

24′ – Alef Manga receives a fast counterattack from the right, kicks hard and the goalkeeper of Hurricane falls fast in the right corner to make a save!

16:25 39 minutes ago

On top of the goalie!

23′ – Pablo beats the defense at the entrance of the area from the right, rolls towards Cuello and he kicks over the opposing archer!

16:23 41 minutes ago

Get out!!

21′ – Igor Paixão dribbles and passes two on the right wing, crosses low and Thonny Anderson kicks out, after a deflection!

16:19 an hour ago


17′ – Adrian Martínez catches his face to the goal, with the goalkeeper on the ground, and kicks over the archer. On the left, Manga sends it out.

16:18 an hour ago

another yellow

16′ – Diego Porfirio is also booked

16:17 an hour ago


15′ – Players argue and fight on the field. Pablo receives the yellow card

16:14 an hour ago

did not find anyone

12′ – Pablo Siles tries to pull a counterattack through the middle, finds no one and returns the ball to defense

16:09 an hour ago

It wouldn’t be worth it, but almost

7′ – Cirino receives in depth through the middle, gets free facing the goalkeeper and sends over the goal. The flag, however, was already in an irregular position.

16:07 an hour ago

Get out!

5′ – Igor Paixão heads alone on the second post after a corner from the left and sends it to the right of the goal!

16:04 an hour ago

came out crooked

3′ – Pablo receives on the left wing, hits with his beak, but the ball curves out, leaving the goal on the right

16:03 an hour ago

ugly bump

1′ – Rafael William leaves the goal and collides with a striker

16:02 an hour ago

roll the ball

Start the game

15:56 an hour ago

Teams on court

The national anthem is played

15:37 an hour ago

Coritiba climbed

15:36 an hour ago

Atletico lineup

15:172 hours ago

Good afternoon

Today is Athletiba day! Stay tuned for the details of the classic from Paraná. The ball rolls at 4pm.

01:35 15 hours ago

How and where to watch the match Coritiba vs Athletico-PR live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between Coritiba vs Athletico PR live will be broadcast by Premiere FC and RPC, Globo’s branch in Paraná

01:30 16 hours ago

When is the game Coritiba x Athletico-PR and how to follow LIVE?

01:25 16 hours ago


01:20 16 hours ago

Hurricane likely escalation

01:15 16 hours ago

Atletico’s embezzlement

Vitinho, Thiago Heleno, Christian and marlos are all out of the game

01:10 16 hours ago

Probable lineup of Coritiba

01:05 16 hours ago

Coritiba embezzlement

Robinho is Coxa’s only casualty for the match. The midfielder suffered an injury to the back of the thigh in the last game.

01:00 16 hours ago

previous round

00:55 16 hours ago

Situation of Atletico

00:50 16 hours ago

Situation of Coritiba

00:45 16 hours ago


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