Currently, it only pays to supply ethanol in 4 states; see which

As we are used to seeing in the newspapers, the price of fuel is increasing in several cities in the most varied states of the country. This makes many Brazilians end up choosing to get around on foot or in public transport.

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In the first half of June, for example, the average price of ethanol reached R$ 6.02. Despite being a high price, the value shows a fall of 1.58% in relation to the price of ethanol in the month of May.

Still in that first fortnight, the value of gasoline was R$ 7.52 and, believe it or not, even though it is a considerably high price, it showed a drop of 0.38%, if compared to the previous month.

Although both fuels show a symbolic reduction, alcohol ends up being more advantageous in four of all Brazilian states. So, to stay on top of the information involving fuels and check if your state is on the list, keep reading.

The rise in fuel prices

What actually happens is that, according to some research carried out, the data mentioned above correspond to the first reduction simultaneous increase in fuel prices since February 2022.

If compared to the month of January, for example, in the period when the price of gasoline corresponded to R$ 6.87, the fuel already had an accumulated increase of 9%. In addition, in the same period, ethanol – which started the year with a value of R$ 6.82 – recorded an increase of 4%.

In relation to the first half of June, this research also shows that the most expensive average for a liter of gasoline per state was recorded in Piauí, where it reached R$ 10.65.

However, when we think about the cheapest price of gasoline, we can highlight the city of Águas Mornas, located in the state of Santa Catarina, where the value reached R$ 6.50.

Another city where the price of alcohol had a significant increase was in Bagé (RS), where the price reached R$ 7.55. On the other hand, the cheapest alcohol was registered in the city of São José do Rio Preto, in the state of São Paulo, when it was costing R$4.23.

How to calculate to know where it is more advantageous?

The Ticket Log Price Index is responsible for calculating and defining where the price of ethanol ends up being more advantageous; however, to make your life easier, we have separated exactly which fuels are worth invest currently in each state. Check out:


  • Goiás;
  • Mato Grosso;
  • Minas Gerais;
  • Sao Paulo.


  • Acre;
  • Alagoas;
  • Amazon;
  • Amapa;
  • Bahia;
  • Ceará;
  • Federal District;
  • Holy Spirit;
  • Maranhao;
  • Mato Grosso do Sul;
  • For;
  • Paraíba
  • Paraná;
  • Pernambuco;
  • Piauí;
  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Rio Grande do Norte and do Sul;
  • Rondônia;
  • Roraima;
  • Santa Catarina;
  • Sergipe;
  • Tocantins.

So before you fill up your car, check out what will be most interesting, so that you can save a significant amount.

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