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Brazil is the 5th country in terms of incidence of diabetes in the world, with 16.8 million adult patients (20 to 79 years old), according to data from the International Diabetes Federation. With such high numbers, how is it possible to fully enjoy São João, renowned for the typical foods of the season?

According to the specialist in functional clinical nutrition, Morgana Mascarenhas, typical June foods can really pose a problem for people who need food restriction, such as diabetics. Morgana highlights the importance of being aware of the way these foods were produced and, above all, avoiding the consumption of ultra-processed foods.

“As a time of harvesting vegetables, such as corn, peanuts, sweet potatoes and cassava, dishes based on these ingredients are common. However, the menu also ends up being filled with preparations rich in refined carbohydrates, fats and especially ultra-processed foods, which reinforces attention to balance in consumption and the importance of some substitution of ingredients in these traditional separations”, points out the expert, who also is a professor at the UniFTC Network.

Possible substitutions – Morgana explains that the risk of exaggerated consumption of these juninos foods for people with diabetes is to increase the level of glucose in the blood. However, it is possible to make substitutions that made the party healthier and more fun for everyone.

For example, you can replace whole milk with skimmed milk, sugar with artificial sweeteners (suitable for the oven) such as sucralose and stevia, and margarine with butter. Another option is to consume the vegetables directly, instead of the derived products. Then you can change the cake, paçoca and pamonha for consuming corn, peanuts and cooked cassava.

“Another interesting factor that is worth remembering is that for those patients who do not count carbohydrates and who are not insulin dependent, it is important to always check their glucose levels before and after meals and make the necessary corrections to avoid these glycemic variations. ”, advises Morgana.

In addition to the food, the nutritionist also recommends that the traditional liqueur be avoided by people with diabetes, because – in addition to alcohol and fructose (fruit sugar) – it has a syrup rich in sugar. In this case, the person may choose to consume a liqueur made with sweetener.

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