Doctors find 233 bizarre objects in patient’s stomach; see the photo

A 35-year-old patient surprised doctors after he was admitted to the hospital with several unusual objects inside his stomach. The case took place in Ipekyolu, Turkey and was recently publicized.

The man was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain, and was accompanied by his older brother. Doctors performed various tests such as endoscopy, ultrasound and various X-rays.

Upon seeing the results of the images, the doctors were startled by what they saw and soon referred the patient to emergency surgery.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, health professionals said that there were pieces of metal, sized stones, batteries, magnets, nails, coins, shards of glass and screws.

During the surgery, 233 objects were removed from inside the man. “We cleaned your stomach completely,” said one of the surgeons involved in the operation.

“It’s not a situation we see in adults, it’s more common in childhood or when the person unconsciously swallows items,” said one of the doctors.

The patient underwent psychiatric evaluation.

See the photo of the objects that were removed by the doctors:

(Photo: Reproduction/Metro)

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