Escrig used millions of joint account with Simaria to buy Bitcoin

Another curious fact that appears in the processes between Simaria and her ex-husband Vicente Escrig which the column had access to is about a joint account that the couple had. This column found that Vicente Escrig withdrew the equivalent of BRL 1.8 million from his account to acquire cryptocurrencies, more specifically the Bitcoin.

It also appears in the process that, after being expelled from home, the Spaniard would have been without sleep and without possessions. With that, he would have withdrawn the amount and invested in the cryptocurrency. The singer’s ex-husband would have done all this after asking the court for Simaria to pay the rent on his house.

Possible devaluation of the millionaire amount

Currently, cryptocurrency is traded at approximately BRL 100,000 per unit (that’s right, the unit). Nowadays, with R$ 1.8 million it is possible to acquire 18 Bitcoins. However, if we take into account that the processes between Simaria and Escrig have been going on since mid-2021, it is possible to speculate that the entrepreneur has lost much of this value.

This happens because Bitcoin has been in strong devaluation. In November 2021, the cryptocurrency cost the equivalent of 350 thousand reais. If Vicente acquired the coin at this time, it is possible to say that the more than R$ 1.8 million may have become, “only” R$ 500 thousand.

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