Ex-pharmacy employee makes shocking revelation and warns customers

It is common for employees, after leaving the company they worked for, to begin to expose what was happening behind the scenes. The case ends up becoming more serious when the establishment or brand is well known by the public, including worldwide (see Facebook).

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Depending on the situation in which employees were subjected during work, discovering something “rotten” in a company can put it in a bad light, with the possibility of the case ending up in court. In fact, some things can be shocking, as reported by the daily newspaper The Sun.

Recently, a controversial fact regarding Secrets revealed by employees about their former employers generated concern among customers of the American drugstore chain CVS.

Ex-employee’s revelation shocks consumers

According to the British tabloid, the former employee of a unit of the CVS network declared that the establishment was not hygienic enough, and that cleaning did not occur as often as it should.

“The shelves are super dusty and dirty. We would have to clean them, but it was always very disgusting”, said the former employee, who was not named. He also said that the trays used for handling in the unit did not receive proper care, being almost always dirty.

The Sun portal questioned CVS about the allegations, but received no response. Check out the full article on the case below:

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