Expensive Hobby: Fuel Price Affects Vintage Car Collectors

Anderson Alencar with his Beetle at a collectors meeting
With his Beetle full of decals and trinkets, Anderson will fall in love with the car getting more and more expensive (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

With each new increase in the price of fuel, collectors of vintage cars prepare to set aside more space in their budget to keep the hobby going. This Sunday (19/6), dozens of car enthusiasts gathered in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Contagem, in Greater BH, and the gasoline readjustment announced by Petrobras on Friday (17) was one of the topics that moved the meeting. .

In anticipation of World Beetle Day (22/06), Anderson Alencar, known as “Black”, took his Volkswagen out of the garage to participate in the meeting. The car, which only runs on gasoline, is costing the 47-year-old horse farrier more and more.
“ a car that I use casually, for meetings and an event or another, but on a day to day basis I don’t drive it. With the increase in fuel, everything ends up increasing, there is a link. The maintenance of old cars has to be better even than that of everyday cars because as they are rarely used, the parts wear out even when they are stopped. There’s no way to run, the Beetle here is carbureted, and we are held hostage by the fuel, the gasoline only increases, it’s crazy, each week comes a value”, he said.

more expensive maintenance

Rising prices mean a more expensive hobby for car collectors. Rodrigo Cunha has worked with car restoration since he was a teenager and explains that it is not more expensive just to take a ride with old machines, but also to maintain them.

“People who work with restoration are seeing the price of inputs go up too much, the price of paint, oil, parts follows the price of fuel. Consumption is the same when we come to the meeting, but if before we used to spend 100 reais on fuel five years ago, you don’t even walk halfway today”, he evaluates.
Rodrigo Cunha with his Gazelle at a collectors meeting
Rodrigo brought a 1973 Gazelle to the meeting; even the paints are more expensive (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

Prisco Eduardo works with the mechanical part of vintage cars and also notices a general increase in the amounts spent to work with the sector. Aboard a 1987 Gurgel, he complains about the price of gasoline.

“I use the car every day, there’s nothing to do, I have to put gas. The Brazilian people can’t take it anymore, the price is only increasing. Those who like old cars want a job well done, but it is expensive. Material has increased a lot, people want to have a hobby, but they can’t”, he says.

Prisco Eduardo with his Gurgel at a collectors meeting
“People want to have a hobby, but they can’t”, complains Prisco Eduardo (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

Impact on final price

Part of the charm of the florist Daniela Bicalho’s business is the transport used to carry plants and flowers for events in and out of the state. In a 1997 Kombi, it circulates between buying and selling goods and the value of gasoline ends up having a direct impact on the activity.

“I go to suppliers to get plants, often outside the city, I go to Holambra (SP), Tiradentes, I make home deliveries and I participate in events. This week I went to Tiradentes, So Joo del-Rei, I went to an event at Belvedere and today I’m here in Contagem”, he says.

Just this week, Daniela has already spent two tanks of gas to work. The price of gasoline forced the florist to put the profit margin of the business on the balance sheet and pass the costs on to customers. To keep the business going, she was forced to cut out of her own pocket.

“The more expensive gasoline affected everything. The product has already increased by about 400% in the last six months, largely due to logistics and I end up not being able to pass it on to the customer, it becomes unviable, so I absorb it. I have a lower profitability because of the logistics. I can’t plan for the long term either, this year is an election year, everyone is uncertain about what will happen. So we live week by week”, he concludes.

Daniela Bicalho with her Kombi at a collectors meeting
Daniela had to absorb the transport costs to not pass them on to customers (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

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