Ezra Miller Won’t Work on Any More DC Films After The Flash

Warner Bros Discovery has in its hands the first crisis to resolve, the incidents surrounding Ezra Miller, which over the last few weeks has given a lot of talk, especially as the authorities intend to find and talk to the actor.

Miller has already appeared in two films from DC and Warner Bros., but he will have the right to star in his own movie in The Flash, scheduled for June 2023, but this film whose budget reaches 200 million dollars will be his last work with the Warner Bros.

Since it is the protagonist and is present in the overwhelming majority of scenes, changing actors would be too expensive and Warner Bros. Discovery will have to follow with Miller for The Flash, but Deadline advances that it is the last film of the actor with the company and his presence in the global promotion is being debated.

Even though no charges are brought against Miller, Warner Bros. will have to handle the situation carefully so as not to let a 200 million dollar project be affected by scandalous headlines.

Over the past few weeks, the 29-year-old actor has been in the news over a restraining order for harassment of a 12-year-old child and her mother, who accuse the actor of acting threateningly towards the child while the parents of a The 18-year-old also presented the judges with papers to ask for protection against the actor, who allegedly courted the young woman.

The prosecution alleges that the actor is violent, intimidating, uses the medium and paranoia, even drugs, to persuade his 18-year-old daughter to indulge and take her with him on trips, which led to Miller being wanted by authorities to make statements, but is still on the run.

Previously, but just as recently, the actor was arrested on two occasions due to his participation in riots in public places.

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