Fátima Bernardes will pass the baton to Patrícia Poeta live

Fátima Bernardes, who leaves the “Encontro” in July to present the new season of “The Voice Brasil”, will “pass the baton” on the stage of the attraction to welcome the new presenters, Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares.

The current presenter announced that they will be on the morning show during the 1st of July. “We were never together on stage, but it will happen now in this passing of the baton”, she said in a video shown on “Domingão com Huck”.

“The ‘Encontro’ is a child for me and it will be a pleasure to deliver it to you. I know it will be in great hands, you always did it in a very respectful way when you replaced me”, completed Fátima when talking about the good relationship with Poeta.

Guest judge on “Dança dos Famosos”, Patrícia Poeta also replaced Fátima in 2012, the year in which the presenter left the “Jornal Nacional” to command the “Meeting”.

“I adore Fátima. We would love to talk about the children, career, life. I have a great affection for her, I’m happy that our paths cross once again”, he commented.

“I really respect each challenge, it’s always the biggest of my career. At this moment, I confess that I have a little butterflies in my stomach, just like it was when I went to JN. I like that, life is full of cycles. complete each other and new things are arriving”, concluded Patrícia.

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