Faustão ‘fires’ his son during a rage at the Band

Faustão is always praised for his irreverence and agility during a live program.

since leaving the domingão Faustão at Globewhere he presented his weekly attraction, to command the Faustão in the Banddaily, the communicator has been generating several memes and causing controversy for his answers, many times ‘sharp’.

After completing 5 months of Faustão in the Bandthe program continues in the fourth place of Ibope, but in the last few weeks it started to react in the audience, approaching the Record TVwhich displays the flopped series All the Girls in Mewhich is a reason for joy behind the scenes at the Morumbi station.

KNOW MORE! About to complete 5 months in the Band, Faustão loses perks, deals with spending cuts and dancers’ layoffs

In addition to always having interesting guests, such as those of last Friday (17), where he received Zezé Di Camargo and Vanessa Camargo at the Faustão in the Bandthe presenter shows that he still has a lot to show and remains confident in the success of his attraction.

But his ‘no-nonsense’ way, as he was when he worked at Globenothing has changed and even in the band, faustão He continues to snipe when he thinks it’s necessary. In the attraction he counts on his side with the co-presenters, João Guilhermeyour son and also Anne Lottermann.


João Guilherme has made a cameo as her father’s stage assistant, Faustão. However, the young man saw his current job put on the line. That’s because the presenter “fired” him in a recent recording of the attraction.

In their appearances, João Guilherme he often asks guests about their personal lives and, most of the time, shows that he is intimate with almost all of them. Ironically, faustão sent the son away and nudged him, telling him to go work on something related to gossip.

“I could go to Catia Fonseca’s show, right?!”, snarled the presenter. on another occasion, faustão went even further and told the heir to go to the The Afternoon Is Yoursin Sonia Abramat TV network!. This is all, of course, in jest.

João Guilherme and Anne Lottermannthe ex-time muse of the National Journalgives Globeact as assistants to Fausto Silva and are being praised by the public of band.

Faustão, João Guilherme and Anne Lottermann (Photo: Reproduction)
Faustão, João Guilherme and Anne Lottermann (Photo: Reproduction / Band)

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