Fernanda Souza goes with her girlfriend, Eduarda Porto, to Bruno de Luca’s birthday

Fernanda Souza made her first public appearance with her new girlfriend, Eduarda Porto, two months after assuming the romance. The two went together to the birthday of presenter Bruno de Luca, in Rio.

In unpublished clicks from the party, Bruno showed them posing hugging next to him, presenter Luciano Huck and actress Fernanda Rodrigues.

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In April, Fernanda Souza surprised her followers by revealing her relationship with Eduarda Porto on Instagram. Since then, she has lived in seclusion. Those closest to the actress, however, already knew about her new relationship and know her longtime girlfriend.

Fernanda Souza and her girlfriend, Eduarda Porto, went together to Bruno de Luca's birthday
Fernanda Souza and her girlfriend, Eduarda Porto, went together to Bruno de Luca’s birthday Photo: Reproduction-Instagram

Fernanda and Eduarda, 35, affectionately called Duda by her, are childhood friends. In old posts on the social network, Thiaguinho’s ex-wife already spoke of the friendship between them, with the right to many statements.

In May 2016, on the occasion of her friend’s 30th birthday, Fernanda Souza posted a photo and a tribute to her current girlfriend. “I thought so much about what to write for you… But looking at this photo, you can see that it doesn’t even have to say: our eyes say it all! I love you like I love few people on the planet! I love you with a love I’ve felt few times.. . And what I love the most is that I don’t need to prove anything about my love… Lol this is just like us! My friend, my heart is there! Every day! Your heart is home to my heart…”, wrote the actress, who added: “I’d pick you up at school, I’m old”.

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Fernanda Souza and Eduarda Porto in a 2015 record
Fernanda Souza and Eduarda Porto in a 2015 record Photo: reproduction/ instagram

In another post, from November 2015, Fernanda also spoke of the friendship between them, and said that Duda was part of her select group of friends: “You know that friendship that you grow together? Learn, make mistakes, respect, accept, don’t charge and loves without limits??? She is part of my select group of friends like that…!!! Who doesn’t have a friend like that to call their own, right? About yesterday: Husbands traveling and we like the old days catching up . I love you to a degree…”.

At the time, Fernanda Souza, 37, was already married to singer Thiaguinho, and Eduarda was the wife of director Rapha Vieira, son of actress Maria Zilda with director Roberto Talma, who died in 2015.

Fernanda Souza assumes relationship with Eduarda Porto
Fernanda Souza assumes a relationship with Eduarda Porto Photo: rep/ instagram

Fernanda Souza and Eduarda Porto in a 2016 record
Fernanda Souza and Eduarda Porto in a 2016 record Photo: reproduction/ instagram

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