Find out who are the suspects in the deaths of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira

Police are also investigating whether the arrested suspects carried out illegal fishing to fuel drug trafficking in the region. According to investigations, the detainees acted alone and there are no masters of the crime.

See who the prisoners are so far:

Amarildo, the “Naked”

After almost a week in detention, Amarildo confessed to his participation in the crime. He claims that he helped to hide the bodies, but denies that he shot the victims.

Last Friday (17), the fisherman was transferred to Manaus for security measures, according to the Federal Police.

Oseney, the “Da Costa”

Jefferson, the “Pelado da Dinha”

Jeferson da Silva Lima, also known as “Pelado da Dinha”, was arrested this Saturday morning (18) in Atalaia do Norte.

Lima turned himself in to the police station early this Saturday morning. The detainee will be questioned and sent to a custody hearing later this week. His arrest warrant was issued by the Justice of Amazonas.

bodies found

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were killed after being surrendered by the assassins. The bodies were quartered and burned. The mortal remains were found last Wednesday (15), after Amarildo confessed to his participation in the crime and indicated to the police the place of concealment.

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