find the right way to heat ready-made rice

Rice is one of the most common foods on the Brazilian table. It may seem simple to prepare this ingredient, but the truth is that a well-made rice tastes amazing. Even following standardized measures, it is common for food to be left over after meals and reheated at another time. What you don’t know is the best way to heat ready-made rice.

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When heating the rice that is already ready, the question may be: use the pan itself or the microwave? Although it seems indifferent, the choice of equipment is crucial to the taste of the grain. Well, depending on how the product is reheated, its flavor may change.

What is the best way to heat up cooked rice?

If you are not sure which equipment will be used to heat the rice, know that there is one that is the most recommended. In this case, the pan and the microwave come in, the best way and the most recommended by experts is to use the pan itself.

Thus, the product is much fresher and does not lose the flavor of other ingredients. Microwave heating can “kill” the aroma and flavor of condiments, as well as altering some of the nutritive properties of foods.

How to heat rice in the pan correctly?

So you don’t go wrong when heating the rice ready using the pan, there is a very simple tip that will keep the flavor of the product intact.

When putting the pan on the fire, add three ice cubes. While the fire heats the rice, keep stirring until the ice melts and no water remains in the pan. This will keep the beans fluffy and fresh looking.

This is a great way to enjoy delicious rice cooked to perfection for longer and in the best way the kitchen allows.

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