Giovanna Ewbank shows her daughter’s debut as an actress and impresses

Actress Giovanna Ewbank showed her eldest daughter with Bruno Gagliasso shooting a commercial

The actress Giovanna Ewbank melted for the eldest daughter. The drooling mom even showed fans a very special and remarkable moment in her firstborn’s life. She is the mother of three children, two boys and one girl. The trio is the result of the marriage with the actor Bruno Gagliasso.

His firstborn Chissomo, better known as Titi, is eight years old. Blessings, the Bless, is the middle child. The boy turned seven years old. While the youngest is little Zyan, one year and eleven months old.

On social media, the artist dads share many family moments with their followers. This includes common perrengues in the lives of parents, trips and trips with their children. This Sunday (19), Gio melted for his daughter, who took another important step in her artistic career.

It so happens that Títi made her first commercial. The girl had already starred on the cover of a fashion magazine recently. Now she debuted in advertising campaigns. Of course, Mom followed everything closely and even recorded some behind-the-scenes scenes to show the fans.

“Aiiiiiiiii my heart!!!! I’m going to share with you a little behind the scenes of Títi’s first commercial, protagonist, with several scenes, text and intentions! DETAIL: she was MEGA SAFE, HAPPY, and memorized the entire text!!! PROUD OF MOMMY”, if she declared Giovanna Ewbank.

The girl appeared in a red dress, being made up. While production was taking place, Títi took the opportunity to take a look at her cell phone. But, when the cameras were turned on, the little one got to work and wasted talent and charisma!

Digital influencer Camila Coelho admired: “Oh my God, that hair”. Actress Fiorella Mattheis said: “Our Lady, very beautiful”. Former BBB Thelminha defined it: “Perfect”. A fan declared: “Titi passes something so wonderful that it touches us, this child is very beautiful”.

Débora Ewbank, mother of Giovanna Ewbank, followed her granddaughter’s debut closely. It is worth remembering that she works with fashion and is stylist of some famous, including the famous daughter. “How beautiful it is”, wrote Débora about her granddaughter.

Actress Giovanna Ewbank showed her daughter being produced

Instagram reproduction Actress Giovanna Ewbank showed her daughter being made up

Little Titi, daughter of Giovanna Ewbank and Gagliasso, shooting her first commercial

Instagram reproduction Títi, daughter of Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso, recording her 1st advertising campaign

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