Glove de Pedreiro vents, announces pause in videos and worries fans

Iran Ferreira, better known as Luva de Pedreiro on social media, left his fans worried after opening a live last night and making a strong outburst with a very different face than usual.

“Thank God, Dad. I’m for my followers. What my followers say to me there… You know? I don’t drink, partner. I’m healthy. full, already”, said the influencer with more than 14 million followers on Instagram.

“A hug for you there. These days I don’t post a video. I’m going to stay there for a while… Are you on? Without posting a video. I’m going to cool my head, man! They keep bothering the guy. p… it’s alone. God and my fans bro. Fuck… the rest is the rest,” he added.

Many fans claim on social media that Iran’s outburst is directly related to Allan Jesus, her manager.

They believe the influencer realized that Allan was taking advantage of his image and so he was very upset about the situation.

O UOL Esporte contacted ASJ Consultoria, which represents Luva de Pedreiro, but did not receive any response until the publication of the article.

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