Health releases 4th dose against covid from 40 years old

The new vaccine booster injection will be applied from 4 months of the previous dose

The Ministry of Health released the application of the 2nd booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19 for people over 40 years old. The decision was made public on Monday (June 20, 2022).

The new dose will be applied from 4 months after the previous injection. This is the 4th application for those who took CoronaVac, Pfizer or AstraZeneca in the 1st dose. The primary schedule of these vaccines is two injections.

For those who received Janssen (in which the 1st vaccine cycle was a single dose), the 2nd booster dose was released for everyone over 18 years of age. Any adult who took the Janssen vaccine in the 1st application can receive their 2nd extra dose starting 4 months after the previous vaccination.

People aged 40 and over who received Janssen in the 1st application can receive their 3rd extra dose starting 4 months after the previous vaccination.

The ministry had already released the 2nd booster dose for people over 50 and health professionals at the beginning of the month. Before, the guidance was only valid for the elderly and immunosuppressed.

With the new decision, about 30 million people will be able to receive the new dose, according to IBGE figures. The ministry stated that there are currently 9 million people in this age group who are already ready for the 4th dose (that is, who already took their 3rd dose 4 months ago).

The decision to incorporate the new audiences was taken because of the proximity to low temperatures in Brazil. The cold weather stimulates agglomerations in poorly ventilated environments, increasing the circulation of the virus.

Brazil faces the increase in cases of covid-19. The average number of infected in the last 7 days until Sunday is above 35,000. The stat is up 20% from two weeks ago. The average number of deaths is 136, up from 73% compared to two weeks earlier.

Watch the Ministry of Health announcement event:

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