How Uber entices drivers to drive more and not use other apps

The app travel market has been one of the most changed in the last two years. The increase in the price of fuel meant that several professionals gave up on the field and the applications had to compete for employees, who accumulate complaints and claims.

To attract drivers to the platform, Uber has a strategy: it offers extra amounts for those who complete a certain number of trips. The frequency of campaigns, however, is unclear, and offers are more generous to drivers who use the app less.

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On social media there are reports of drivers who earned an extra R$2,800 after completing 175 rides, others received R$220 for 80 trips or even R$60 after 50 trips. According to the drivers themselves, those who have been away longer usually receive more interesting offers. Offers also vary by city.

The initiative is celebrated by some, but harshly criticized by others. Denis Moura, executive director of the Association of Private Autonomous Drivers (Ampa-RJ), claims that campaigns are rarely profitable.

“They happen to create a stronger bond between the driver and the platform. Most of the time, when the driver goes to do the math, they are actually decreasing the value of the kilometer traveled in the races and, supposedly, increasing the gain with these bonus. It’s a way of holding the driver on the platform, since he usually uses more than one”, he says.

According to Denis Moura, what the driver claims, more than promotions, is a general increase in the fare. He states that even with IBGE data indicating that travel by app became 67.18% more expensive in the last 12 months, this increase did not reach the service provider. “Since 2014, the tariff has never been readjusted.”

Eduardo Lima de Souza, president of the Association of Application Drivers of São Paulo (AMASP), sees campaigns and promotions as a tool for drivers to have a feeling that they are gaining more value, but he sees the initiative as something positive. .

“Better than campaigns, is to readjust the fares, because the driver can never count on these promotions. He never knows when he will come, how much will he earn? It’s commendable, but I believe it could be a more direct project for the driver “, opined.

Disagreements between employees

On social media, opinions about Uber’s strategies are diverse. While some claim to make a good monthly income by “choosing the right runs”, others say the activity no longer pays off. The company explains that initiatives such as promotions for additional earnings are optional, that is, the driver partner can view the criteria and conditions of each promotion directly in the application to decide whether to participate.

“There are also tools that show the trend of earnings by region, day and time, so that he can plan and choose the best times to drive. Uber also informs, on the website, an estimate of earnings based on the history of partner drivers who drive in the city. In São Paulo, partner drivers who drive around 40 hours currently earn more than BRL 1,400 per week. It is important to emphasize that the estimates depend directly on the days, times and places that the driver partner decides to use the Uber platform “, he said in a note.

The company also claims that it is the only platform to limit service time to 12 hours a day.

“As independent professionals, Uber’s driver partners decide when and how to use the app. However, Uber is the only platform that has a tool, implemented in partnership with road safety entities, that limits online time driving through the app. The tool provides notifications to the driver when he approaches the limit of 12 hours online driving the vehicle in a single day. Once that limit is reached, he will be automatically logged out and will not be able to use the app for the next six hours”, says Uber.

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