Hunger hit? Check out 7 most unusual and tasty casters

Are you the type who loves a carvery and doesn’t miss the chance to eat until you can’t take it anymore? If the answer is yes, know that there are all-you-can-eat foods that are sure to make you salivate. Check out which are the most unusual casters:

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1 – Temaki Rotation

The “Brazilianized” Japanese food still divides opinions in Brazil. There are those who love and those who turn up their noses at a beautiful plate of sushi. However, most people love to eat good temaki, especially breaded or fried fish. Can you imagine a rotation of this spice. Know that it exists at Temaki Fry and has 15 different options for R$ 49.90.

2 – All-you-can-eat with hamburger, pizza, starters and milkshake

At the Croma Burger e Pizza cafeteria you can enjoy an extremely complete all-you-can-eat buffet full of delicious things. Imagine eating as much hamburger, pizza, entrees and milkshake as you can handle. It seems like a dream, but it is reality. All of this can be tasted for just R$49.90, with a milkshake all-you-can-eat costing R$19.90.

3 – Pastel rotation

The Paztel pastry shop offers a rotation of this traditional preparation in Brazil. There are several filling options, including sweet and savory, for the price of R$ 44.90 or R$ 57.90 if the soft drink is included.

4 – Donut rotation

To put your foot in the jackfruit and leave the diet completely aside, how about a day off full of sweets? Tradicionalíssimo offers all-you-can-eat donuts, the famous American donuts, for R$45.90. There are 25 types of sweets available from the first donut brand in Brazil.

5 – Rotation of esfihas

Arabic cuisine is also on this list. The most famous franchise of this type of cuisine, Habbib’s, offers all-you-can-eat flavors for prices ranging from R$29.90 to R$34.90.

6 – Shrimp rodizio

To eat shrimp until you can’t take it anymore, just go to Bar do Paco on weekends, between 12pm and 5pm. The delicacy can be enjoyed at will for R$ 59.99.

7 – Pasta and drumstick rotation

For R$29.90, you can eat pasta and drumsticks all you want at the Ragazzo franchise. During weekends and holidays the price increases by R$5.

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