‘I didn’t want to’, says Simaria about ‘gift of millions’ he got from Simone

The singer said that the only gift she asked for her sister was singing with her at her birthday party.

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Simaria said that the gift she asked for her sister was singing with her at her party

The singer simaria surprised when commenting on the gift he got from his sister, Simone, on his 40th birthday. The friend, who recently announced her retirement from the stage due to “medical determination”, said that the only thing she wanted from her sister was to share the stage with her at her party. “I didn’t want a gift from millions, the only thing I asked her to do was sing a song with me. I just wanted her to sing the song Friend, which was a composition I made”, commented the artist in an interview with “Domingo Espetacular”, from Record TV. Simone gave a brand bracelet Louis Vuitton for her sister, purchased from a store in the United States. “I came to choose Simaria’s gift. She’s turning 40, so it has to be a special gift, because if it’s not special, she breaks my shins. I’m here to shell out some ‘dolphins’ [dólar]”, Simone commented in a video posted on YouTube. At the store, she even declared that the cheapest bag cost R$ 31 thousand, but did not reveal the value of the bracelet.

Simaria’s career break came at a delicate moment for the duo, who in recent weeks have been the protagonists of several controversies. After having a leaked discussion on SBT’s “Programa do Ratinho”, Simone had to start the show alone twice because of Simaria’s delays. At a concert, the singer declared that she did not feel well to get on the plane and, therefore, did not arrive on time. In the other, she said she was late because of traffic. Simone will fulfill the duo’s concert schedule and is already performing alone. In the first show without her sister, the little friend said that it was very difficult to be on stage without Simaria and believes that, perhaps, she has exaggerated in the care of her sister. In one of the fights they had in front of the public, for example, Simone wanted to spare Simaria’s voice, which she insisted on singing. “I, at 40, will no longer be silent. I will say what I think is right. It doesn’t mean that because you won together you have to die as a double”, concluded Simaria.

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