“I don’t admit it”, Zezé unmasks who Zilu is in front of Wanessa

According to the singer, Zilu will always be his family

In 2014, Zezé Di Camargo went through one of the worst situations of his intimate life: the separation with Zilu. In this year, Vanessa also faced the evils of divorce with Marcus Buaiz.

In this way, the artists talked about the subject in the “Programa do faustão“, in the Band, last Friday, 17.

During the chat, the singer unmasked who Zilu really is and exposed everything he thinks about his ex in front of Wanessa.

“Separation is traumatic for everyone. It’s a family, the children are seeing their father and mother there. Which I don’t admit that’s when people say, ‘When the couple separates, they destroy the family’”began Zezé Di Camargo.

Following, the artist confessed that even after so many controversies, Zilu remains part of his family.

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“No, the family will always exist, Zilu will always be the mother of my childrenshe is my family too, we are no longer husband and wife, but we are family”admitted Vanessa’s father.

According to Zezé Di Camargo, sometimes the family strengthens with separation, as was his case.

“We need to be more together, mainly, spiritually, understanding each other’s situation”, took over the singer.

Finally, the artist reflected on the importance of family, including Zilu, and the strong relationship they have today.

“Family is the main institution of the human being, we only graduate because of that. I keep saying: she is my family, my children, my current one, and why doesn’t everyone live well? And now we are succeeding”confirmed Zezé Di Camargo.


In addition, Wanessa Camargo also spoke about her divorce with Marcus Buaiz and confirmed that she is thinking about the good of her children, José and João.

“A marriage is between two people and if we manage to have maturity, affection, respect for the story we create, the children will deal with it in a calm way. It’s harder for them than it is for me.”assumed the singer.

Wanessa and Zezé Di Camargo talk about separation
According to the singer, sometimes separation unites the family (Reproduction)

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