Impressive! YouTuber Creates PS5 Slim Just 2 Centimeters Tall

Since the launch of the PS5, many have complained about the look of the console, which Sony justifies by the need for heat dissipation, but even so, we know that the launch of a “slim” version is inevitable and that it must happen sooner or later.

While Sony doesn’t officially announce the PS5 Slim, some design enthusiasts try to imagine possible concepts for this version, however, a YouTuber went further and decided to make his own slimmer version of the console and the result is impressive.

The DIY Perks channel has ventured into trying to downsize the original PS5 and has achieved it impressively, managing to fit all the console’s components into a case just 2 centimeters high, which seems impossible.

To achieve this, he had to get rid of practically the entire original cooling system and build a new system with water, which connects to a gigantic external source. In a way, he needed to cheat to achieve this result, but still, we cannot belittle his work.

Obviously, when Sony builds its PS5 Slim, it will work to lower the device’s overall power consumption, allowing for a reduction in cooling components. Even so, considering that DIY Perks is working with the original hardware, we have a very interesting project.

Do you think the PS5 Slim will hit the market soon?

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