In a show, Whindersson talks about the vaccine, violence in Teresina and sings melo of high gasoline

With a sea of ​​cell phone lights and the screams of some 12 thousand people, comedian Whindersson Nunes took the stage on Saturday night (18), in Teresina, in a farewell show.

Wearing a blazer, using only lighting as an ally, the youtuber from Piauí made the audience laugh talking about serious things such as the pandemic, violence in Teresina, the lack of basic sanitation and other Brazilian everyday issues.

In the show “This is not a cult”, he defended the vaccine and sang with the musician Luan Murilho the melo of high gasoline, a criticism of the constant increases in fuel.

Whoever went to the show, at the Albertão stadium, was faced with a Whindersson more confident of himself and making humor with themes that anguish from the adult to the teenager.

The show opened with comedian Robson Sousa, from Teresina who lives in São Paulo and is a friend of Whindersson.

Right at the beginning of the presentation, Whindersson joked about the algorithm, the tool that moves the internet, and made a definition: “algorithm is the intelligence behind your cell phone, it selects only what you like”.

With humor, Whindersson defended that the “world is coming to an end” and joked about facial harmonization and Brazil’s war power.

When describing situations involving the teenager, the youtuber said that “everyone has a joker inside them” and that parents need to accompany their children.

Whindersson’s show that has no history of his father and mother is impossible. It is its essence, its inspiration. He went back to telling hilarious situations with his mother.

On stage, he revealed that his greatest vocation is to “communicate” and that he fell in love with theater with the show “Paixão de Cristo”, which he watched in Bom Jesus, his homeland.

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Project for the deaf to feel the music

When interrupting the show, because the Libras translator was without light on stage, Whindersson spoke about the project of the Piauí company of a prototype of a device that makes the deaf feel the music. At the Albertão concert, three hearing impaired people took a test with the device following the presentation.


During the show, the youtuber criticized those who do not want to be vaccinated. “There are people who do not want to be vaccinated. When they ask my opinion and I say the same. And the Whindersson vaccine? male, I think it should be without authorization.”

high gasoline melo

Asking for a chorus from the audience, Whindersson sang the melo of high gasoline accompanied by musician Luan Murilho. The parody says that he went to the gas station and “had a scare” and that “I love you, turned I’ll leave you at home”.

Violence in Teresina

Affirming that in Teresina “everything is different”, the comedian said that nowadays nobody stops at a red light in the capital of Piauí. He recalled that thieves are now breaking car windows. “Today, everything has changed. Even Uber doesn’t come anymore.”

On the show, Whindersson recalled the fight with Popó, joked about the beating he took and that the title of “This is not a cult” was born from the word “cult, culture”.

The end of the show was with him as a conductor presenting a choir of voices, highlighting the importance of tenors, basses, alto and sopranos.

On his Instagram profile, Whindersson thanked the audience for attending and recalled that the first show in Teresina had 38 people at Sala Torquato Neto, at Clube dos Diários.

“38 people the first time I took the stage at Sala Torquato Neto, behind the 4 de Setembro theater, today 15,000 people at the Albertão Stadium. It’s a lot of emotion in the guy’s life, a lot I went through from there to here, but those of faith know that my plan was to come back like Michael Jackson, here we are, nothing has changed, thank you TERESINA!!”.

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