In response to the Defense Minister, Fachin reiterates invitation to the Armed Forces to meet the TSE commission

The holder of the portfolio had suggested a meeting between the military and the Court’s technical team; Minister reinforces that Electoral Justice collegiate is an appropriate forum for discussions about the voting process

Photo: Abdias Pinheiro/ Ascom/TSEminister edson fachin
Official letter was sent on Friday, 17, and released this Sunday, 19

The President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Edson Fachinreiterated the invitation for representatives of the Armed forces participate in the meeting of the Elections Transparency Commission that takes place virtually at 3 pm this Monday, 20. The letter, sent to the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sergio Nogueira de Oliveiraon Friday, 17th, and released this Sunday, 19th, is a response to Nogueira’s claim, which proposed a meeting between the military and the Court’s technical team.

In the letter on Wednesday, 15th, the Defense Minister stated that the meeting would serve to “settle any technical differences” and “discuss the proposals presented by the Armed Forces”. Fachin, in turn, reinforced that “the vast majority of the suggestions made [pelos militares] within the scope of the Commission were welcomed, indicating the public commitment of this Electoral Justice to the realization of plural dialogue not only with institutional partners, but also with civil society”, adding that the TSE commission, composed is the appropriate forum for the discussions on the electoral process.

In recent weeks, the TSE and the Armed Forces have exchanged official letters regarding questions raised by the military about the electoral process. On the 9th of May, as Jovem Pan showed, Fachin replied that the proposal to centralize the aggregation of votes in the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs) contained a “misconception regarding the description of the current reality of the aggregation”. “Strictly speaking, it is inaccurate to say that the TREs do not participate in the totalization: on the contrary, the TREs continue to command the totalizations in their respective units of the federation”, says an excerpt from the document sent at the time. In the same letter, the president of the TSE refuted the claim that there is a “dark room” responsible for the investigation. “So, with all due respect, there is no ‘dark room’ for investigation. The votes typed in the electronic ballot box are automatically computed and can be counted anywhere, including at all points in Brazil”, added the TSE. The document denied statements by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who stated, on more than one occasion, that the counting of votes in the elections was carried out in a “secret room” and that the Court wants to “elect Lula inside a dark room”. .

More recently, on June 10, the Defense Minister sent a letter to the TSE, in which he stated that it had not yet been possible to have a debate on the military’s proposals. In the middle of the document, the holder of the portfolio said that the Armed Forces do not feel “duly prestigious” by the TSE. Fachin responded and declared that he had “high regard” for the Armed Forces and that dialogue is necessary to strengthen democracy.

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