is a mysterious intestinal disease and has already affected hundreds of families

North Korea faces new epidemic: intestinal disease has already affected 1600 families

The country is being hit by a mysterious acute intestinal pathology in South Hwanghae.

It has already affected hundreds of families.

North Korea has its hands full when it comes to disease. NoAt a time when the country is fighting an outbreak of Covid-19, a new epidemic arises that has already affected about 1600 families. It is an unidentified intestinal disease.

The government this week recognized a new “acute enteric epidemic” in South Hwanghae province. according to “Express”North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is asking the authorities to “contain the epidemic as soon as possible”.

North Korean news agency KCNA reported that the leader had already sent “medicines prepared by his family” to the region that is being affected by the mysterious disease. The drug will be delivered to “more than 800 families suffering from the acute epidemic that broke out in some areas of the province”, which is one of the main agricultural regions of the country.

According to the released data, at least 1600 people have been infected with the intestinal disease. Although there is still no further information, it is speculated that it could be cholera or typhoid fever.

Enteric diseases are very common in North Korea, not least because many areas do not have adequate water sanitation systems.

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