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Ending a relationship is almost always very difficult.. Even when things aren’t going so well, it takes courage to reach out to someone else and say, “I don’t want any more.” And that’s why a lot of people just decide not to say anything.. And it has a name: ghosting.

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The name comes from “ghost”, ghost in English. In Portuguese, ghosting – or ghosting – would be something like “going astray”.

The tactic is not new: there is that classic story of the guy who went out to buy cigarettes and never came back. But with technology, things have gotten a lot simpler – for those who want to disappear.

One research by a dating app showed that nearly 80% of users aged between 18 and 33 had already been ghosted. Both men and women give and take ghosting. only, in the case of women, the emotional impact is usually much greater.

“Many women persist in these relationships trying to have some contact, try to explain. Deep down, the attempt to save the relationship is not for the man himself, it is to try to save his own self-esteem. And that puts this man who is sometimes a perebado in a very important place. And he’s just one perebado”, explains the professor of the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of BrasĂ­lia Valeska Zanello.

The ghosting or the “lost” it is considered by experts a lack of emotional or affective responsibility.

“Affective responsibility does not mean that you have to have a reciprocity of affection. That’s another thing. Sometimes it happens that you don’t like the person or the enchantment ends, but it’s having a responsibility towards the other, giving some kind of satisfaction”, concludes the teacher.

in the next episode of It has a nameyou’ll know what it’s called that feeling that, at any moment, someone is going to discover that you’re a fake, no matter how well prepared and successful you are.

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