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Journalist Eduardo Costa
Journalist said he will think about the proposal to be a candidate for vice governor (photo: Social Networks/Reproduction)

The New Party invited the anchor of Record and Itatiaia, journalist Eduardo Costa, to be a candidate for vice governor on the ticket of governor Romeu Zema, in the October 2022 elections. State of Mines on Monday morning (20/06).

Through social networks, Eduardo said he was surprised by the invitation, but did not reject the proposal. According to him, political conversations and other understandings still need to be made to assess whether he will run or not.

Eduardo Costa stated that he was already preparing to take a break from his career as a journalist because he understood that he had already completed his cycle in the profession.

“It was just an invitation. At first I said I’ll think about it. I will think hard and evaluate. I am 66 years old and 45 years of journalism. If I’m healthy and I have the opportunity to help a citizen who, in my opinion, is fixing the state, I am willing to take up the challenge. But at the moment, I am as confused as you who were taken by surprise,” he said.

Eduardo also said that he will no longer comment on the matter until he makes the decision and asked for the understanding of his followers.

“If I accept the proposal, I will justify my choice to all of you,” he said.

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