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Liver problems should be seen as serious health conditions. The organ is one of those that make up the list of vital structures for human health. One of the situations that deserves attention is the one involving excess visceral fat, also known as fatty liver.

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This health condition can be generated by obesity, unregulated and full of fat diet, in addition to excess alcoholic beverages. There are several factors that can trigger fatty liver.

Check out the symptoms:

Symptoms of fatty liver in people

If you have fatty liver, you are likely to experience some of these very unpleasant symptoms:

  • Excessive sweat: body temperature tends to be higher in people with fatty liver and this causes excessive sweating.
  • Permanent fatigue: you will feel more tired than before;
  • More acne: the tendency of fatty liver is to cause acne to appear more often;
  • Bad breath: even brushing the teeth, the person keeps the bad smell inside the mouth;
  • Frequent allergies: liver malfunction inhibits the action of allergy antibodies.

Bonus: Foods That Improve Fatty Liver Health

The good news is that through food it is also possible to ensure greater liver protection. One of the most frequent problems is the accumulation of visceral fat in this region. For this, it is important to have a balanced diet in order not to overload this organ.

1 – Beet

Beetroot is a great food to control blood glucose levels in the body. However, to have a good absorption, the most indicated is the consumption of the food still raw, which can be grated. The nitrate present in beets helps in vasodilation and contains a high content of antioxidants, responsible for protecting the liver.

2 – Oats

Among the carbohydrates, oatmeal is one of the most suitable, as it has properties that help balance the body. It is a great source of beta-glucan and helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels. This is cholesterol that is harmful to health, especially for the vascular system and liver.

3 – Brazil nut

Although it is an oilseed, Brazil nut has what we call good fat. It is rich in omega 3 and vitamins that are excellent for the healing and regeneration of organic tissues, such as the liver.

4 – Avocado

Avocado is a rich source of nutrients and, of course, it should be included in the diet. It has a lot of glutathione, which is a type of antioxidant capable of acting directly on the liver and protecting the organ.

5 – Artichoke

The artichoke is rich in silymarin, an antioxidant that is marketed in several drugs. It serves precisely for the treatment of diseases that affect the liver. It helps to reduce the visceral fat present in the organ. It can be consumed as a tea or cooked.

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