Lack of carbohydrate results in some health problems; check out

Carbohydrate is often portrayed as a nutrient to fight, although this premise is wrong. The lack of carbohydrate in the body should be a reason for alert and still causes a series of unpleasant symptoms.

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Check out what a lack of carbohydrate can generate:

1 – Do you have bad breath?

Whenever the body starts burning more fat than carbohydrates, it releases ketone bodies. They are usually eliminated through breathing and the smell is usually not very pleasant. In this way, even if you brush your teeth correctly, bad breath ends up being persistent in these cases.

Be careful if you simply decide to stop eating carbs without professional guidance to back it up.

2 – Sign of lack of carbohydrate: low concentration

The sign of a lack of carbohydrates in the body is the little ability to maintain active concentration for a long time. The brain also needs carbohydrate to function properly.

Therefore, the lack of this nutrient can compromise the cognitive ability to concentrate and learn.

3 – Constant bad mood

Eating sweets can actually make a person happier, if done in moderation, of course. In the same way, the lack of carbohydrate in the body can generate some cases of acute bad mood.

The nutrient is used so that the human organism is able to produce its own reserve of serotonin, a substance that generates well-being.

4 – Sports activities become more tiring

Carbohydrate is one of the main sources of energy, especially for those who practice sports. The lack of it can result in a greater feeling of tiredness and lack of disposition. In other words, those who practice sports will feel their performance drop due to the lack of carbohydrates.

5 – Intestine stuck

Typically, people who lack carbohydrates in their diet also end up eating less dietary fiber. This causes digestion to be compromised as well as bowel activity. Problems such as constipation can appear and become frequent.

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