Larissa Manoela pays tribute to Maisa: ‘It’s a gift to be her friend for 10 years’ | TV & Famous

Guest of the artistic jury of Dança dos Famosos, on Sunday with Huck, Maisa did not limit himself to seeing the presentations and giving notes.

The actress won honors from the program and recalled her 17-year career.

According to Maisa, he owes everything to his parents, gislaine and Celsuswhich minimized the side effects of having started working at the age of 3.

“All the credit goes to my parents. The secret of my focus and my happiness is due to my base. If work was fun, at home I always had rules.”

Maisa receives messages from her parents

Maisa receives messages from her parents

Maisa’s mother, Gislaine talks about her relationship with her famous daughter — Photo: TV Globo

In fact, it was Gislaine who taught her to read and write, at age 3 – yes, at age 3! – and she overcame her shyness to send her message to her daughter.

“You told me I would see you on TV, and look how far you’ve come! Never lose your essence”, said the doting mother.

Celso, Maisa’s father, paid tribute to his famous daughter: ‘I’m Maisa Futebol Clube!’ — Photo: TV Globo

Celso also left a message for Maisa:

“I’m from the Maisa Futebol Clube team. I love you, my daughter!”

Maisa receives messages from Larissa Manoela and Jean Paulo Campos

Maisa receives messages from Larissa Manoela and Jean Paulo Campos

Larissa Manoela said that she always wanted to be Maisa’s friend — Photo: TV Globo

And they weren’t the only ones who paid their respects to the young actress. Larissa Manoela and Jean Paulo Campos, who starred with her in the soap opera “Carrossel”, talked about the 10-year friendship they built behind the scenes and took to life.

Larissa Manoela and Maisa grew up together and have been friends for 10 years — Photo: TV Globo

“I remember that I always liked Maisa, even before I met her. I called ‘Bom Dia e Cia.’, trying to win the award and talk to her. Then, I finally met her and we grew up together. It’s a privilege to be her friend”, said the protagonist of Beyond the Illusion.

Jean Paul he remembered the moment he met Maisa, on the recording set.

Actor Jean Paulo remembered how he met his friend Maisa, behind the scenes of the soap opera ‘Carrossel’ — Photo: TV Globo

“She pinched my cheeks and called me cute. I won’t forget that moment.”

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