Lucas Leiva closed, Corinthians midfielder and more

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The latest from Grêmio this Sunday are full of news and the vast majority involving Tricolor news in the ball market, such as the almost certain return of Lucas Leiva to the club, in addition to the Corinthians midfielder who is on the radar and the Tricolor’s moves to reinforce the squad in 2022.

Lucas Leiva is from Gremio

The last ones from Grêmio couldn’t start differently! The midfielder Lucas Leiva agreed to his return to Grêmio and now just need to sign a contract to seal the deal and, consequently, his return to Immortal Tricolor. The information from the end of the day on Sunday guarantees that the athlete is agreeing to his return with an 18-month contract, until the end of 2023.

The information was anticipated by reporter Marco Souza who guaranteed that Grêmio gave in a little in the financial part to close with the midfielder who was in recent seasons defending Lazio, from Italy.

Botafogo would have offered practically twice the salary of Grêmio and with a four-season contract to the player who, even so, gave up better contracts to wear the Tricolor shirt again.

The trend is that at the beginning of this week Lucas Leiva will be announced as a reinforcement of Grêmio for the season. It is worth remembering that the player will only be able to debut when he opens the transfer window, which happens on July 18.

Corinthians midfielder on the radar

Grêmio is still in the market in search of reinforcements for the season and a Corinthians midfielder has entered Tricolor’s radar, however, according to journalist Alex Bagé, the attempt happened in the past and the deal ended up not coming out. Mateus Vital, a player wanted by Grêmio, was on loan to Greek football last season.

Grêmio’s moves in the market continue and, now, Tricolor would have tried to hire midfielder Mateus Vital, currently at Panathinaikos, in Greece. The player who belongs to Corinthians would be one of the targets of the board, however, an agreement did not happen.

Two sure reinforcements and Renato Kayzer on target

Grêmio is bringing two reinforcements for the season and is now trying to hire Renato Kayzer, who is currently at Fortaleza, in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. The 26-year-old is an offensive option for the Grêmio team that wants to escape the characteristics of a classic striker.

With Renato Kayzer, Grêmio is looking for an athlete with more mobility in the front, being able to help in the creation of plays and with movement in the offensive sector of the field. Before Kayzer, however, Tricolor referred the hiring of two reinforcements.

Thaciano, midfielder who was at Altay Spor, from Turkey, is returning from the loan and will be a reinforcement for Roger Machado, as well as striker Guilherme, a former Grêmio who was at Al-Dhafra, in the United Arab Emirates.

“If we paint players for free or within our conditions, we will look for them. We are attentive to the market. Grêmio is a club that is always on the market”, explained Denis Abrahão at a press conference.

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