Luciano Szafir is discharged from hospital in Campinas after hospitalization for intestinal obstruction | Campinas and Region

He was admitted to the medical unit on Friday (17), after feeling unwell, and the doctors chose to leave him under observation.

Szafir recently left the Copa D’Or Hospital, in Copacabana, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, where he was hospitalized for 28 days after surgery to remove a colostomy bag, performed on May 16.

The doctor André Brandalise, responsible for accompanying Szafir during hospitalization, stated, in a note sent by the presenter’s office, that he showed clinical improvement and accepted the diet offered because of intestinal subocclusion.

The actor started using the colostomy bag after having a bowel loop punctured during treatment for a pulmonary embolism caused by a reinfection of Covid-19.

He developed spontaneous bleeding in the abdomen, which was due to complications from anticoagulant therapy, used in patients with Covid, and caused the intestinal loop to be punctured.

The surgery served to remove this loop and clean the entire abdominal cavity. Szafir spent a month in the hospital for Covid-19 in June 2021.

Luciano Szafir was infected with Covid-19 three times, the last one in January this year.

Luciano Szafir posed with a medical team after being discharged from Hospital Copa D’Or, in the South Zone of Rio – Photo: Disclosure

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