Meet the most expensive executive plane in the world, valued at R$ 1.8 billion

The most expensive executive plane in the world is valued at R$ 1.8 billion.  Photo: Aeroin.

The most expensive executive plane in the world is valued at R$ 1.8 billion. Photo: Aeroin.

  • Recently, the US Department of Justice was ‘authorized to seize’ two jets belonging to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich;

  • Together, the two planes are valued at around US$400 million;

  • It is estimated that the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner alone is valued at $350 million.

Earlier this month, the US Department of Transportation was “authorized to seize” two jets belonging to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, valued at US$400 million, about R$2 billion at current prices. The tycoon’s private planes are a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and a Gulfstream G650ER.

The seizures are part of Western sanctions and other punishments imposed on Russian oligarchs in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

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Many luxury jets have been taken over in recent months, but the Dreamliner in particular is a distinct item, mainly due to its size and rarity, being valued at US$ 350 million, the equivalent of R$ 1.8 billion.

Boeing converted a number of its aircraft into executive versions. However, the 787’s wide fuselage is unusual, as the plane was designed primarily for long-haul commercial flights.

There are not many photos of Abramovich’s Dreamline, but other aircraft of the type, converted or built in a specific way, such as the ‘Dream Jet’, from the HNA Group, a Chinese conglomerate that operates in several sectors, and the presidential 787 of Mexico help to understand your inside.

At 731.52 square meters, the HNA Group model was designed by Kestrel Aviation Management in conjunction with Paris-based Pierrejean Design Studio.

Photo: Publicity/Kestrel Aviation Management

Photo: Publicity/Kestrel Aviation Management

The plane offers the experience of a ‘seven star’ hotel in the sky, with several living and working rooms, a kitchen, a rest area for the crew in the front, as well as a VIP bathroom, 18 reclining seats for guests and staff.

In addition, there is a dining room for up to 12 people with two tables, a living room with TV and sofa bed, private bedroom, master dressing room and a private bathroom.

*With information from Business Insider.

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