Messages show actress who accuses Melhem of sexual harassment supporting him after complaints

Messages show actress who accuses Melhem of asking for oral sex supporting him after complaints

Messages show actress who accuses Melhem of asking for oral sex supporting him after complaints

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After messages exchanged between former Globo director Marcius Melhem and comedian Dani Calabresa were exposed, columnist Ricardo Feltrin, from UOL, also had access to WhatsApp conversations exchanged between the comedian and an actress who has worked at the station since 2015, with whom he had a casual relationship. Like Calabresa, the actress – whose identity was not revealed – denounced Melhem for sexual harassment and abusive behavior.

According to Feltrin, the conversations between Melhem and the actress took place between 2017 and 2020, before she testified to the Civil Police. The material is in secret of Justice.

Like Dani Calabresa, the actress made the complaint to Globo and the Special Police Station for Assistance to Women between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. She is among the seven women who accuses the former director of sexual harassment and harassment, an abusive relationship. , abuse of power, inappropriate behavior and embarrassment.

According to Feltrin, the actress was the one who accused Melhem of asking her for oral sex, as previously reported by Piauí magazine. She would have told the police that from the night they had sexual intercourse, she and the former director of Globo began to live an abusive relationship. The actress also said that the comedian told her she had no talent and blocked jobs she was invited to.

In addition, according to Feltrin, the actress would have told the delegate who is following the case, that she was being intimidated or forced into a relationship she did not want, but did not react for fear of having her career damaged.

She also accused Melhem of, the morning after their first sexual intercourse, creating a WhatsApp group called “Sex” to humiliate her and tell his assistant that they had had sex. According to Feltrin’s column, the group was created by the actress on the morning of July 24, 2018. Melhem and her assistant were in this group, and they received the first message, which was sent by the actress:

“If you’re in this group it’s because we think it’s good manners for you to know that there was drunken sex (one of the parties) yesterday. We ask for discretion for obvious reasons. Good Morning!!! (happy face and sun emojis).”

Women named by actress deny harassment

The actress accuses Melhem of sexually harassing two other women as well. But, when heard by the authorities, one of them denied that this had occurred, while the other told the UOL columnist that she was not harassed and that the relationship was consensual.

play and intimacy

Also according to Feltrin, the messages are used by Melhem’s defense to prove the intimacy between him and the actress who accuses him. Between the years 2017 and 2018, the messages are affectionate and they treat each other as friends, but that changes in early 2018, when the two got close and traveled together for leisure, starting to have a sexual relationship a few months later.

One of the messages, exchanged on July 28, 2019, shows jokes between the two with a sexual content:

Actress: If I moved some part of your anatomy while you sleep would you report me to the police?

Better: Hahahahahahahahahaha hmmmm No

Actress: It’s an entirely hypothetical question, of course!

Better: Hahhaha.. of course.

In 2019, the situation changed. Friends of the two told the columnist that the actress suspected that the relationship would end and learned that the former director would travel with his ex-wife and daughters. In messages exchanged on August 17 of that year, she says:

Actress: You can talk all the time that we eat, but you can’t kiss (me) in front of people?

Better: I know. But I feel pressured, you know. (if) We meet and stay forever, it’s dating for me

Actress: I understand

Better: I wanted everything to be lighter. But I weigh myself. The play will begin

Actress: It’s hard for me to see you taking on other people. That’s why I think it’s ok for us to always catch up when we’re together (…) But I understand you. Let it go, little boy.

Better: No, let’s talk better.

Actress: I will always love you. Good play.

Actress lent support to Melhem after complaints

Also as disclosed by Feltrin, on February 3, 2020, when the harassment allegations against Melhem became public, the actress sent messages of support to him:

Actress: Are you really sick? What do you have? I’m worried. I’ve never seen you miss recording

Better: I’m on edge. Today I found out that Dani is getting people together to talk and that she has people that have nothing to do with the case and that she is helping to give strength to anyone who wants to talk about me. They’ll want me to become Zé Mayer

Actress: Fuck. Join who? How can? You are innocent, love. Are you sure about that? This is pointless, love.

Better: I’m from Dani. But I’ve already given up, right: I’ve been invasive, as you say

Actress: I think they are doing terrorism with you (…) Keep calm. Come be with your people.

Better: I can not.

Actress: Oh my love. I do not know what to say. Love I’m sure nothing will happen. It has three cats against it and a lot of people on its side.

Better: I don’t know if there are 3. I don’t know if people will back off. Being by my side can be bad for people. Maybe I have to burn. If it leaks, standing by my side in front of public opinion will be a hero thing. mainly women

Better: If someone shows up that I hit on, or I understand that I hurt and that I didn’t even notice, I really want to apologize, come out. Not Dani, because hers is a frame. But it would be precisely the women I would need support from. And I don’t know who would. I can’t ask anyone for that.

Actress: My love, my support you know you have. And I don’t give a shit about public opinion. But I insist, it won’t come to that. I’m sure it’s a marola. I think it’s a lie. Some kind of terrorism.

Better: Support is disappearing. I know I built a network of affection. Of love. Not from bitching.

Actress: Nothing will happen. I promise you

Better: there’s no way you can promise.

Actress: Now I’m in agony because I feel you in agony

Better: I fired and displeased a lot of people. I have flirted in the past. If I take it all and put it all together, I don’t know anymore. Tomorrow morning I’m going to the psychiatrist. I can’t take it anymore. love you very much

Also according to the columnist, the actress went to Melhem’s house the next day and, after about a week later, she told of a health problem and walked away from him.

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