Militão’s wife outbursts

Karoline Lima, influencer and wife of defender Éder Militão, from Real Madrid, turned the subject last weekend for some outbursts she made on social media about her partner.

On Saturday (18), she recorded a story on Instagram responding to her followers and said that she was at her house in Madrid, while Éder could be found “in the best clubs in Miami”.

Karoline also reports that she is not feeling well and is in pain, saying that she has a lot of colic and that the baby is already in the correct position to be born. The influencer also claims that she went to the doctor and that everything is fine with Cecília, who should be born soon.

Shortly after publication, the influencer deleted the story in which she pinned her husband.

Militão went to Miami to participate in “The Beautiful Game”, an exhibition game that brought together friends of Ronaldinho Gaúcho and friends of Roberto Carlos.

‘Sometimes you want to disappear’

Karoline Lima continued with the outbursts on Instagram after the repercussion of her previous video.

“The see you soon is because, anyway, I don’t know, sometimes it makes you want to disappear, but I think it’s unfair to you because you’re so nice to me. I’m receiving so much love from you, affection, but I know you understand me. Through your voice, look, way of speaking, there are times I even try to hide it, but you… I’ve never seen it. But I just want to be in peace, get my head on straight and think about Ceci. She’s the first place”, he said.

Photo shoot alone

kjeroline - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Playback/Instagram

This morning, Keroline appeared sad once again in the stories and showed that her friend Priscila is doing everything to motivate her.

Yesterday, they made a purchase for Ceci and today they are going to do the photo shoot — in her explanation, Karoline leaves it in the air that the tests were not carried out before due to Militão’s absence.

“I wanted another day of being Tiago Iorc today, disappearing a little. But today we’re going to take some photos, I should have done them a long time ago. They are pregnancy photos, I’m entering the ninth month and I didn’t take professional photos . It’s been a long time that it was going to happen, but I’ve always had to change the dates and that’s going to be it,” said the influencer.

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