Military hospitals. But photography is prohibited! Question raised about military hospitals can generate a revolution in care

Anyone who arrives today at the Naval Marcílio Dias hospital soon notices at the entrance of the institution that there is a separate entrance for general officers and their dependents. The subject of many complaints, since medical procedures have the same value for all military personnel, the extremely embarrassing preferential entry remains there for decades.

Those who walk inside the hospital also notice that there are separate bathrooms for officers and soldiers and even separate waiting rooms, as if people were classified there not by the urgency of care according to their need, but by the rank or rank they reached in the hospital. active or – worse – that their parents, husbands or wives have achieved.


The thing ends up showing the existence of two distinct classes within the Armed Forces, one with special privileges and the other with only duties. The division by rank and rank is common in all military institutions around the world, but only in Brazil is privileged treatment for officers perceived and what is worse, mainly at the expense of money deducted from the soldiers, which – after all – are the majority.

Military hospitals are basically supported with the obligatory contribution of graduates, soldiers, who are the overwhelming majority. There is no option not to pay, there is no way to stop cashing and using the money to pay for a health plan.

The procedures cost the same for all military personnel and, therefore, there is no reason to discriminate against such an important category and its dependents. The existence of private elevators for high ranks and closed and exclusive wings undoubtedly increases the total cost.

Despite the modernization, humanization and expansion of rights in all sectors of society, indignation remains in the military health institutions of Brazil and from time to time a 23 or 24-year-old girl can be seen stepping in front of elderly women. Everyone knows why, she is the wife of a lieutenant who has just joined the Navy and the old woman may be the wife of a corporal, dependent on someone who has given all his youth to the institution but who, in terms of health, literally has his family literally put at risk. second plan.

In some sectors the thing is kind of hidden, when the relatives of officers are called for assistance, they do it in a whisper or they apparently wait in corridors inaccessible to the “ordinary” public.

Many say that this is why there are posters around military hospitals with the phrase “PHOTOGRAPHING IS PROHIBITED”.


Military personnel heard by our team believe that priority in outpatient care by ranks and graduations should only exist when dealing with military, active duty and preferably in uniform. What in fact would be a priority linked to the service. The thing could never be extended to family members, the rank and rank belong to the military, not to family members, and in the reserve there is no hierarchical precedence.

Giving priority to the wife of a 23-year-old lieutenant leaving a lady, the wife of a corporal, who wakes up at dawn to get to the hospital early, is inhumane and goes against all the rules that talk about equality and opportunity.

“… I was, when on campaign, several times in the vicinity of military hospitals. The professionals are extremely dedicated, but they have no way of acting against this type of discrimination, they are active duty soldiers and would end up suffering sanctions… we have to remember that it is not free service… everything is paid… equal treatment. After an internment, the military has discounts that sometimes last for years… ” Petty Officer Bonifácio

We want to discuss all the rights of the military, from salary to health, from the scale of service to extended hours without justification.

We work on a proposal for a bill or agreement with the help of the Public Ministry so that from the ordinance at the entrance of military hospitals, all are called Patients, regardless of ranks and degrees. We will also ask for the numbers, we want the lists of referrals to private clinics by positions and degrees, we want to know if there is any privilege for certain categories also in these types of actions that occur internally and cannot be seen by the common user.

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Team of PRE-CANDIDATE for Federal Deputy Sub-official Bonifácio

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