Ministry of Health should release 4th dose against covid for everyone over 18 years old

This week, it is expected that a second booster dose will be released for people over 40 years old.

The Ministry of Health should release the fourth dose of the vaccine against covid-19 to the entire adult population in 2022. The forecast is that this week, another age group will be covered with the second booster of the immunizer. Currently, only people under 50 years old, health professionals and immunosuppressed people can have access.

According to information from the newspaper O Globo, the ministry assesses whether all age groups will be covered by the Unified Health System (SUS) or whether part of the group will have to be immunized in private clinics. The application interval will be four months from the third dose. Astrazeneca and Pfizer immunizers should be used.

“Observing the behavior of the virus, we are heading towards having at least one (second) reinforcement in the population over 18 years of age”, said the executive secretary of the ministry, Daniel Pereira.

The measure is based on the recommendation of the members of the Technical Advisory Committee on Immunization of the National Immunization Program (CTAI PNI), defined last week. Vaccination dates may vary in each location considering age groups. States and municipalities have the autonomy to define the vaccination schedule without following the norms defined by the ministry.

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