Model reports that she was wrong to get involved with Jô and that she no longer has contact with him

Model says he recognizes that he was wrong to get involved with Jô

Model says he recognizes that he was wrong to get involved with Jô

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The model Maiára Quiderolly made a publication on her Instagram profile stating that she recognizes that she was wrong to get involved with striker Jô, ex-Corinthians, who was married to Cláudia Silva when they were in a relationship. Recently Maiára revealed that she is pregnant with the player.

After opening a question box on her Instagram this Sunday (19), the model was asked if she regretted what she did. She said that she recognizes her mistake and that she doesn’t want to make a mistake again.

“I think the point is not to regret, when we don’t have the feeling of regret it corrodes us inside! I recognize my mistake so I don’t make a mistake again! We have to learn that we are human beings and we will make mistakes in different ways, I can’t regret something you can’t go back and do again! My son is coming and I want to be the best person for him and be by his side when he does something good or bad!”, he replied.

Model said he recognizes mistake in getting involved with Jô

Model said he recognizes mistake in getting involved with Jô

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She was also asked if the baby’s father worries about the pregnancy, and replied: “No! We haven’t spoken since I said here that he was the father! But if he regrets it and wants to be a father, and we have a relationship of friendship for my child’s, I’m totally open”.

After the news leaked that the player may be the father of the model’s child, his marriage to Cláudia Silva came to an end. On social media, the athlete’s ex-wife brought new revelations about his life off the pitch.

In an outburst on social media, Cláudia Silva highlighted that Maiára Quiderolly’s pregnancy should not be a trophy for Jô, as he has five children out of wedlock. In the relationship with Claudia, Jô had two children. Claudia, however, stressed that she has a good relationship with the player’s two other children.

“To make it very clear, her son (Maiára Quiderolly) is not a trophy for him, because he already has five children out of wedlock. Two get along very well with me. The two children spent Christmas at my house and will continue to do so. because they are my children’s brothers,” he said.


The model Maiára Quiderolly, Jô’s lover for two years, said that she talked to the player’s wife, Cláudia Silva. Despite initial insults on the part of the woman, the two talked and did the dirty laundry. According to the model, there was an apology from both parties.

“I replied to her messages with my number. I made myself available to talk. She called me, I sent prints and proof of everything he said to me. She apologized for offending me and said that, like her, I am also a victim. I also redeemed myself, after all, I know I was wrong. But I wasn’t just any case. He said he loved me and I believed it”, he said.


Last week, influencer Maiára Quiderolly announced that she was pregnant through Instagram. Jô, who recently terminated his contract with Corinthians, was appointed by journalist Léo Dias as the model’s lover and father of the child. However, the player and the model initially denied paternity.

Jô is married and has been having problems off the field because of attitudes in his personal life. Recently, the striker left Corinthians after being spotted in a pagoda during a club game.

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